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Note: These practitioners are in private practice and work independently in different locations

Marinda Bruwer Biokineticist

Registered Biokineticist

22 Dirkie Uys street, Somerset West.

The profession of Biokinetics is still relatively new, so it is fast growing and developing into a well-recognized alliance to health and medicine. The word Biokinetics is taken from the Greek word "BIOS" which means "life" and "KINESIS" which means "movement". In other words, it refers to the maintenance of quality of life through the use of physical activity.

Marinda Bruwer

Owner and Registered Biokineticist at Marinda Bruwer Biokineticist.

Marinda has been in private practice for almost 13 years after completing her BHons Biokinetics at Stellenbosch University and her internship at WITS University in Johannesburg. She opened her practice in 2012 where she also became accredited to train intern biokineticists. The practice sees a wide variety of patients and strives to address each patient with a holistic view and incorporate a multidisciplinary approach when needed. Marinda has extensive experience in orthopaedic injuries and conditions, especially lower back, knees and shoulders. She believes in being pro-active and that a lot of musculo-skeletal problems can be addressed in the long-term by improving postural awareness and biomechanical movement patterns. Marinda enjoys sports injuries and working with mountain bikers and runners especially. She also has a keen interest in Chronic pain management and apply neuroscience education to her exercise therapy sessions when applicable.

Tiana Rabie

Registered Biokineticist at Marinda Bruwer Biokineticist.

Tiana Rabie enjoys keeping active and believes that exercise has a very important role in living a healthy and fulfilled life. This has led her to the field of biokinetics which equips her with the knowledge to guide patients through their rehabilitative journeys. She enjoys orthopaedic rehabilitation and identifying and improving different muscular imbalances and joint specific problems. She is also enthusiastic about the way in which exercise can benefit those with different chronic conditions.

Chantelise Slabbert

Registered Biokineticist at Marinda Bruwer Biokineticist.

Chantelise has a passion for learning, making Biokinetics the perfect profession for her. She believes that staying aware of the latest research is crucial to treat her clients effectively and efficiently. Chantelise furthered her studies by completing a Master’s degree in Sport Science in 2022. This allowed her to explore the topic of Parkinson’s disease, displaying her special interest in chronic and neurological conditions. Furthermore, she is an avid netball player, so also enjoys sport specific rehabilitation and loves working with children.

To name only a few, she sees clients with Parkinson’s disease, knee and hip replacements, Arthritis, Geriatrics, lower back pain, postural defects, Diabetes, Hypertension (high blood pressure) and sports rehabilitation (ACL, ankle sprains, etc.)

Amée Rust

Registered Occupational Therapist

Amée Rust is a registered Occupational Therapist that specialises in Lymphoedema. She has extensive knowledge and dedication as a specialist in manual drainage lymph therapy.

Amée is a proud member of the LYMPHOEDEMA ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA (LAOSA) and has completed their gold standard treatment/management program for lymphoedema.

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