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Note: These practitioners are in private practice and work independently in different locations

Dr Hilda Russouw

Psychiatrist/ Principle Investigator


Psychiatry Clinical Research Unit

Helderberg Clinic


Western Cape

South Africa


Tel: 021 180 3648


Dr Akeem Adedolapo

Specialist psychiatrist 

Website: https://www.topcarepsychiatry.com/

He has extensive experience in the following areas:                           

1.Adult psychiatric illnesses:

Depression, Anxiety, bipolar mood disorders, schizophrenia, neuropsychiatry, personality disorders, adult ADHD, Autism, neurocognitive disorders, mood and psychotic disorders secondary to medical conditions.         

2.Old age mental. Health issues. 

Dementia, depression, anxiety,  and schizophrenia.  

3.Adolescent mental health issues :

ADHD, Austim, bipolar mood disorders, anxiety, depression, intellectual disability with behavioural issues, and impulse control disorders. 


Cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy, 

Support therapy


Dr Louis Du Plessis

MB ChB M Med (Psych) Pret

Psigiater / Psychiatrist

2B Tre Mondi

Niblick Way

Somerset West

Tel: (021) 852 8927

Email: admin@psychpractice.org


PR: 2202328

Central Care Office

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Somerset West

Western Cape

South Africa

021 180 3648
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